In Kingdom Hearts 2D, Alignment is a categorization of the ethical (Law/Chaos axis) and moral(Light/Darkness axis) perspective of people, creatures, and societies.

Law implies honor, trustworthiness, obedience to authority, and reliability. On the downside, lawfulness can include closed-mindedness, reactionary adherence to tradition, judgmentalness, and a lack of adaptability. Those who consciously promote lawfulness say that only lawful behavior creates a society in which people can depend on each other and make the right decisions in full confidence that others will act as they should.

Chaos implies freedom, adaptability, and flexibility. On the downside, chaos can include recklessness, resentment toward legitimate authority, arbitrary actions, and irresponsibility. Those who promote chaotic behavior say that only unfettered personal freedom allows people to express themselves fully and lets society benefit from the potential that its individuals have within them.

People who are Neutral with respect to Light and Darkness have compunctions against killing the innocent but lack the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others. Neutral people are committed to others by personal relationships.

With this in mind, there are nine possible alignments for players to choose from.


Light implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others.

Lawful LightEdit

A Lawful Light character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty. They may sometimes find themselves faced with the dilemma of whether to obey law or good when the two conflict: for example, in upholding a sworn oath when it would lead innocents to come to harm; or where legal injunctions conflict, such as between their religious law and the law of the local ruler. The Purest of heart are found in this category.

Neutral LightEdit

A Neutral Light character typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. A Neutral Light character has no problems with co-operating with lawful officials, but does not feel beholden to them. In the event that doing the right thing requires the bending or breaking of rules, they do not suffer the same inner conflict that a Lawful Light character would. Light-hearted heroes are found in this category.

Chaotic LightEdit

A Chaotic Light character favors change for a greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well. Chaotic Light characters always intend to do the right thing, but their methods are generally disorganized and often out of sync with the rest of society. They may create conflict in a team if they feel they are being pushed around, and often view extensive organization and planning as pointless, preferring to improvise. Vigilantes and Rebels who fight for good are found in this category.


Someone who is neutral with respect to law and chaos has a normal respect for authority and feels neither a compulsion to follow rules nor a compulsion to rebel. The Twilight are honest but can be tempted into lying or deceiving others if it suits him/her.

Lawful TwilightEdit

A Lawful Twilight character typically believes strongly in Lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules, and tradition, and often follows a personal code. Characters of this alignment are neutral with regard to Light and Darkness. This does not mean that Lawful Twilight characters are amoral or immoral, or do not have a moral compass, but simply that their moral considerations come a distant second to what their code, tradition, or law dictates. They typically have a strong ethical code, but it is primarily guided by their system of belief, not by a commitment to Light or Darkness. Soldiers, Law Enforcers and Monks are found in this category.

Neutral TwilightEdit

A Neutral character is Neutral on both axes, and tends not to feel strongly towards any alignment. Most lacking the capacity for moral judgment, are of this alignment, since they are guided by instinct rather than conscious decision. Those who play all sides to suit themselves are also of this alignment. Some characters, rather than feeling undecided, are committed to a balance between the alignments. They may see Light, Darkness, Law, and Chaos as simply prejudices and dangerous extremes. Nobodies without obligation can be found in this category.

Chaotic TwilightEdit

A Chaotic Twilight character is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although they promote the ideals of freedom, it is their own freedom that comes first; Light and Darkness come second to their need to be free. They are free-spirited and do not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others. The character does not have to be an aimless wanderer; as it may have a specific goal in mind, but its methods of achieving that goal are often disorganized, unorthodox, or entirely unpredictable. If such a character joins a team, it is because that team's goals happen to coincide with its own at the moment, but it invariably resents taking orders and can be very selfish in its pursuit of personal goals.

Those who follow this path too strongly, border on the line of insanity. Characters of this type may regularly change their appearance and attitudes for the sake of change, and intentionally disrupt organizations for the sole reason of disrupting a lawful institution. Anti-Heroes can be found in this category.


Darkness implies harming, oppressing, and killing others. The heartless, for example, simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient or if it can be set up. Others actively pursue Darkness, killing for sport or out of duty to some malevolent deity or master.

Lawful DarknessEdit

A Lawful Dark character sees a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and shows a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while it usually obeys its superiors and keeps its word, it cares nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and is not averse to twisting rules in its favor.

These characters may sometimes find themselves faced with the dilemma of whether to obey law or darkness when the two conflict. However, their issues with Law versus Darkness are more concerned with "Will I get caught?" versus "How does this benefit me?" Tyrants, devils, and cruel soldiers can be found in this category.

Neutral DarknessEdit

A Neutral Dark character is typically selfish and has no qualms about turning on its allies-of-the-moment, and usually makes allies primarily to further its own goals. This character has no compunctions about harming others to get what they want, but neither will they go out of their way to cause carnage or mayhem when it sees no direct benefit for itself. Such a character abides by laws for only as long as it is convenient. A villain of this alignment can be more dangerous than either Lawful or Chaotic Dark characters, since he or she is neither bound by any sort of honor or tradition nor disorganized and pointlessly violent.

This character holds up Darkness as an ideal, doing darkness for evil's sake and trying to spread its influence. Villains who strike fear over chaos can be found in this category

Chaotic DarknessEdit

A Chaotic Dark character tends to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but its own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. It sets a high value on personal freedom, but does not have any regard for the lives or freedom of other people. Chaotic Dark characters do not work well in groups, as they resent being given orders, and usually behave themselves only out of fear of punishment.

It is not compulsory for Chaotic Dark characters to be constantly performing sadistic acts just for the sake of being evil, or constantly disobeying orders just for the sake of causing chaos. They do, however, enjoy the suffering of others, and view honor and self-discipline as weaknesses. Heartless can be found in this category.