Sora is an unknown character with the ability to wield the keyblade. While he has no prime commands, his powers and strengths differ from world to world. With each connection Sora makes in a world, he has access to a new array of commands and abilities, while still maintaining a powerful combo threat. If Sora dies, it's game over.

Basic AttackEdit

The Basic attack for Sora is the unique ability to perform combos. The Damage dealt is equal to 10 DMG + ATK-MOD x D10 roll. The player continues to roll the D6, having a higher roll requirement each time. The first roll is meant to initiate the combo, requiring a roll of 2 or higher. Then 3, 4, and so on, until the player does not roll the requirement. The player can stop rolling for damage anytime to execute the COMBO FINISHER. If the player doesn't meet the roll requirement, they cannot use the finished. The finisher changes with each keychain equipped.


Minor Action Description Obtained
Unlock Minor Action.
Sora is able to unlock any chest, door, or gate. Must be adjacent to the lock.
Level 1
Mimic Sora can impersonate other people's voices. No use in battle. Level 1

Radiant Garden Deck CommandsEdit

Command Power TCD Description Range Obtained
Warp Snipe
  • Lvl 1 - Range + ATK-MOD x D6
  • Lvl 2 - Range + ATK-MOD x 2D6
  • Lvl 3 - Range + ATK-MOD x 3D6
5 An ability borrowed from Braig. Teleport to another square in the range of the command and fire a powerful burst of light. The further the range, the higher the damage. B-2 Level 1
  • Lvl 1 - 7 + ATK-MOD x D10 roll
  • Lvl 2 - 10 + ATK-MOD x D10 roll
  • Lvl 3 - 13 + ATK-MOD x D10 roll
3 An ability borrowed from Dilan. Like the keyblade combo, the player is required to meet roll requirements to deal more attacks. The attack allow Sora to leap into the air and thrust the keyblade down on any enemy in the B-2 range. B-2 Level 1
Impact Quake
  • Lvl 1 - 5 + MAG-MOD +2D6
  • Lvl 2 - 10 + MAG-MOD +2D6
  • Lvl 3 - 15 + MAG-MOD +2D6
5 An ability borrowed from Aleaus. The player slams the keyblade into the ground causing rock pillars at a time to jut up from out of the ground in apparently random places on the field. S-1 Level 1